Strategic Plan

Kids With Arthritis New Zealand

Strategic Plan 2011 – 2014


Awareness Membership Funding Unified Organisation
Key Goal The scale and scope of KWANZ will be well known by all sectors of NZ society.Those affected by JIA will know the role of KWANZ and the services it provides. Membership will grow in scope and size.Level of active membership engagement will increase.


Membership will be tailored to meet individual needs.


Life-long support will be available for all those affected by JIA.


KWANZ through its services and support systems, will improve the quality of life for all those children affected by Arthritis.

Sufficient funds will be available to cover fixed costs, core services and special projects. Continue to develop a strong relationship between Arthritis NZ and Kids With Arthritis NZ.  This will ensure that the organisations goals become a reality, and a high standard of service is delivered nation wide.
Actions Implement a robust communication strategy.●   Website

●   Information available to teachers               and schools

●   Brochures in Medical clinics, and Hospitals.

Media coverage on events

Presentations to Community organisations and schools.


Define memberships / create new opportunities for membership.Implement retention and recruitment strategies.


Develop a range of opportunities to actively engage in the organisation.


Provide support and information to:

●   Children with Arthritis.

●   Teenagers with Arthritis

●   Families

●   Teachers and Schools

●   Medical professionals

Further develop flagship events and create new opportunities to raise funds.Develop long term corporate partnerships.


Encourage Community Fundraising to become a sustainable income stream.


Establish an Individual Giving programme committed to strong donor care values.





Develop and implement the framework, “In union there is strength”Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.  ~Helen Keller