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Just launched schools education video.  KWANZ have created this film following a cry of help from parents to assist them in educating teachers in what it’s like for a child to have arthritis.  Volunteers are available to join parents in approaching school teams via a Staff meeting to show this film and discuss how a specific family can be supported in the school environment.  Please contact us if we can help you in this way.  We will also be using this film to help raise awareness in our communities that ‘Even kids get Arthritis’.  Click HERE to view the film.


Help In The Community – Education

The following is a compilation of support, advice, assistance and activities available for individual children and their families that is available from various public and private organisations in the community.

Please Ctrl+Click on the headings below to follow link. This will give you a brief description of information you will find on each website.


  1. Before School Check
  2. Improving Access to Education
  3. Individual Education Programmes
  4. Ministry of Education
  5. NZQA Derived Grade (formerly Compassionate Consideration)
  6. NZ Police – No Bullying
  7. School General
  8. School Taxi
  9. Special Exam Conditions



1. Before School Check

The B4 School Check is a free check for four year olds. The Check helps to make sure your child is healthy and can learn well at school. It is a chance to discuss your child’s health and development with a nurse.–-english-version


2. Improving Access to Education

a) This information sheet outlines the physiotherapy and occupational therapy that might be available for your child at school/kura if they have a physical disability. It outlines who can get this support, how to apply, what’s involved and who provides it.


b) All schools are funded to meet the needs of all their students. A small number of students have moderate special education needs that may require services in addition to the quality education programmes that enable most of their peers to achieve within the New Zealand Curriculum.

3. Individual Education Programmes

The IEP process brings together a team of people closely involved with the student to collaboratively plan a programme to meet the student’s needs.


4. Ministry of Education The Ministry of Education website is where you can learn more about how the New Zealand education system works, and the education agencies that are involved in supporting our education system, helping to deliver a world-leading education system that equips all New Zealanders with the knowledge, skills and values to be successful citizens.                       

5. NZQA Derived Grade (formerly Compassionate Consideration)

A derived grade is to be given to a candidate who has been clearly disadvantaged through illness or misadventure, or who considers that their performance in an external assessment has been seriously impaired because of exceptional circumstances beyond their control. This includes a natural disaster, the death of a family member or close acquaintance, and national representative duties which have prevented them from sitting examinations or otherwise presenting materials for external assessment.

6. NZ Police – No Bullying

Some of our children face the reality of bullying, because other children don’t understand their often well hidden illness.  This website provides names of organizations that can help in this issue.

7. School General

Here you’ll find useful information about your child or teen’s education including tips on choosing an Early Childhood Education (ECE) service or school, what they learn, how their progress is assessed and other topics of interest.

7. School Taxi

If a student is eligible for SESTA (Special education school transport assistance), the Government accepts a share of  this responsibility and provides a level of assistance to help with transport between home and school.


8. Special Exam Conditions

NZQA grants entitlement to Special Assessment Conditions so that approved candidates may be fairly assessed and have access to assessment for National Qualifications. Special Assessment Conditions are approved so that entitled candidates can demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding, without providing unfair advantage over other candidates.



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