Trust Board Members


The Kids With Arthritis NZ Charitable Trust was established and registered as a New Zealand charity in March 2020.  By becoming a registered charity the community will see us as an equal to our peer organisations in New Zealand that support children with other health challenges.

The founding trustees are:

Chairperson – Dr. Nathan Harris (Waikato) [email protected]  021 151 4765
Secretary – Robyn Clark (Auckland) [email protected]  021 1704 257
Treasurer – Phil Donnelly (Auckland) [email protected]  027 6770 770
Karen Derrick (Auckland) – [email protected] 021 980 132
Sarah King (Whangarei) – [email protected] 021 931 811
Sheena Harris (Waikato) – [email protected] 021 1511 738

Committee Member

Klayre Derrick

The founding trustees are also the current trustees of the Trust. Their term of office runs until the Annual General Meeting in August 2022.