Trust Board Members


The Kids With Arthritis NZ Charitable Trust was established and registered as a New Zealand charity in March 2020.  By becoming a registered charity the community will see us as an equal to our peer organisations in New Zealand that support children with other health challenges.

The founding trustees are:

Chairperson – Dr. Nathan Harris (Waikato) [email protected]  021 151 4765
Secretary – Robyn Clark (Auckland) [email protected]  021 1704 257
Treasurer – Phil Donnelly (Auckland) [email protected]  027 6770 770
Karen Derrick (Auckland) – [email protected] 021 980 132
Sarah King (Whangarei) – [email protected] 021 931 811
Mohammed Jada (Auckland) – [email protected]
Chantelle Cobby  (Bay of Plenty) – [email protected]
           Kathleen Derrick (Auckland) – [email protected]

Committee Member

Klayre Derrick

The term of office of the Trustees runs until the Annual General Meeting in August 2024.