Handcrafted Pens


Lovingly Handcrafted ballpoint pens.
Made in the central north island of  New Zealand.
Each pen has its own unique shape and style.
Lightweight, and comfortable to hold, a joy to write with.
Crafted chunky or slim.
Chunkier pens can be great for people who struggle with arthritis in their hand/fingers.
Made with a variety of native and non-native timbers and materials. Including deer antler, and segmented blanks.
A creative gift idea for any occasion.
Durable super glue finish, meaning that it will keep its amazing lustre for years to come, whilst providing a strong resistance to wear and tear.
Comes with plastic presentation case.
Free shipping within NZ.
Ink refills available.
All pens $45. This includes a $5 donation that goes to KWANZ.
Please note pictures above are not of pens currently for sale, they are just a representation of different styles, woods, colours etc.
If you would like to see what pens are currently available, or to place an order, please fill in the form below.