Kids With Arthritis NZ receive $20 000.00 from New Lynn Lions Auckland

KWANZ receiving chq from New Lynn Lions Auckland


Kids With Arthritis NZ members accept a $20,000 donation from the New Lynn Lions Club.

New Lynn Lions President Graham Ferguson, Phil Donnelly KWANZ National Secretary/Treasurer, Klayre Derrick, Kathleen Derrick KWANZ members, Robyn Clark KWANZ National Administrator, Adrienne Crowe KWANZ National President, – organisers of ‘Galaxy of Cars’ – Lion Mary Hibberd, Lion Bob Hibberd, New Lynn Lion Galaxy Chairperson Noel Mountjoy.


On Monday 25th March 2013, the New Lynn Lions Club presented ‘Kids with Arthritis New Zealand’ with a cheque for $20,000.00 at their annual presentation dinner.

Children with arthritis from throughout New Zealand will benefit from this huge financial contribution.

The money was raised at the annual ‘Galaxy of Cars’ classic car show and automotive swap meet, which was held on 24th of February at Western Springs Speedway. This is the 15th year that the New Lynn Lions Club has run this very successful event which included hundreds of vehicles, from Model Ts to Hot Rods and everything in between.  This amazing group of dedicated volunteers works tirelessly on this annual event, selecting a different children’s charity each year to donate the proceeds to.

Kids with Arthritis New Zealand (KWANZ) is the national support network for children with arthritis and their families.  In New Zealand it is estimated that there are about 1 in 1000 children who have Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).

KWANZ aims are

To provide support and relevant educational, and social service information to every child in New Zealand with arthritis, and their family.

To raise awareness and understanding in the community that “even kids get arthritis”,

To provide activities such as camps, seminars, social activities and peer support for families, and

To provide advocacy and fundraising support to Arthritis New Zealand, our parent body.

KWANZ’s vision is to provide sufficient funding for running annual camps, seminars and workshops for all of our children and their families.

The invaluable benefits gained include, social interaction, peer support, teamwork and leadership opportunities, and they build confidence through achievement of physical and mental challenges during camp activities.

JIA is a chronic autoimmune illness occurring in children before the age of 16.

JIA affects large and small joints, causing pain and swelling, stiffness, reduced mobility and fatigue.

Some children may have a rash and fever and other organs such as the eyes and heart may affected by inflammation.

During the course of the illness, there will be periods when they are too unwell to attend school and when coupled with the regular appointments with doctors, other hospital specialists and physiotherapists for treatments, their education may be significantly disrupted.

Some children and young people may have to deal with a range of psychological issues related to living with a chronic illness.

Children with arthritis are courageous, inspirational and have a strong determination to ‘not let this disease control their lives.’

The life of a child with arthritis is a special journey, and Kids with Arthritis New Zealand provide children and their families with a positive link with other families where they can share experiences, and ways of dealing with similar life challenges.

This extremely generous donation from the New Lynn Lions Club in Auckland, will allow KWANZ to provide the support and activities that our children with arthritis deserve.

Galaxy of Cars.