KWANZ Garden at the Ellerslie International Flower Show 2014 in Christchurch

2014 Ellerslie International Flower Show in Christchurch – 26th Feb to 2nd March 

We have an amazing opportunity to bring National and International awareness that ‘ Even Kids Get Arthritis’.
The garden has been designed by Bayley LuuTomes, an international recognized landscape designer.
This event will bring National awareness that ‘children get arthritis’, plus the awareness of KWANZ.  This event is to receive National and International media coverage, and in turn, gives KWANZ a fantastic opportunity, we could only dreamed about.  The sky is the limit for us as the support group for children with arthritis in NZ, and what we can provide for the children and their families.
BUT we can only do this with YOUR help.  The garden has received generous donations of materials but we still have other costs we need to cover.  We are looking at finding $25 000.00 to cover costs.
For more information, Contact Robyn (Email) [email protected]
Donators of the KWANZ Garden Ellerslie Show 2014
A very big thank you to the families and businesses that have donated already to this amazing event. 

It is not to late to donate.

Every little bit helps.