News & Events

The events held by Kids With Arthritis NZ Charitable Trust are a great opportunity for our families to relax and have some light-hearted fun. 

They are also a perfect opportunity for new families to meet up with other parents and for all to share their experiences and realise they are not alone on their arthritis journey.  

As a result of our fun events the children will meet others on a similar journey. Making connections with their peers and realising they are not alone is important.

It is with the very generous support of our supporters and donors. Along with our amazing volunteers that we are able to host a range of events throughout New Zealand.

To learn about our upcoming events and to view other relevant information, read our KWANZ Newsletters and enjoy! 

The Hugo Charitable Trust is a Kids With Arthritis NZ’s Elite Partner.  They have partnered with Kids With Arthritis NZ since 2017. During this time they have made a very generous contribution each year.  This makes it possible for us to run our nationwide Christmas parties and other events.
These events enable us to bring together children, teenagers and their families that are on a similar journey.